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Stolen Valuables Register

Proactive stance needed on art theft in South Africa - article in the Business Day Art full article
Art and Antique Thefts
South Africans are aware of the fact that crime is a huge issue. It is always extremely upsetting to be the victim of theft. The South African Police have their hands full dealing with the high incidence and wide spectrum of crime. As a result many people only report a theft to the South African Police Services in order to obtain a case number to lodge an insurance claim.

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It is irritating to loose a TV or a DVD, but these can be easily replaced at local equipment stores. What are you to do about the important treasures lost from your home or business? How do you replace them? In our experience, most victims of theft would prefer to have their stolen property returned to them as treasured items often mean much more than the replacement value. (Stolen items are priceless to their owners.) The increase in thefts of art and antique items internationally and the evidence that an increasing number of homes and businesses in South Africa are specifically targeted for their art, antiques and collectables, urgently needs to be addressed.
South Africans are extremely aware of the need for security systems. It is important to install effective preventative measures where ever possible. However, not many individuals or businesses are aware of the vital importance of extending their preventive measures to include proper documentation of their collections. This is not simply a local problem, but an international one. In most instances victims of thefts have no accurate description of the stolen pieces and can only provide the police with imprecise information. This makes it nearly impossible for the police to trace stolen items or to locate the original owner when stolen items are retrieved. Furthermore, it is important that all collectors take responsible steps to restrict the market for stolen goods by practising due diligence, which means a thorough check that an item purchased or auctioned is not listed as stolen.
It is the sentimental and valued treasures and heirlooms that one would dearly love to retrieve. The victim is often left with an over riding feeling of loss, frustration and helplessness. Gilfillan Scott-Berning provides a service that will register the loss of art, antique and collectables, including jewellery, creating a national data base that can be checked.

Stolen Valuables Register
A number of people have been the victims of house breaking and have lost art, antiques and/or collectables they consider priceless. Art and antiques have been targeted internationally because they can be sold with relative ease at markets, fairs, second hand shops and through dealers. Gilfillan Scott-Berning now provides a Stolen Valuables Register service to our clients. The aim is to raise awareness of items stolen so that items may be identified should the art, antiques or collectables be offered for sale at markets, second hand shops, at auction rooms, to museums or to dealers.
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Making public the loss of treasured possessions will improve the chances of retrieval. Gilfillan Scott-Berning's Register of Stolen Valuables will be presented as a catalogue entry, with a description of the item featured alongside an image. Details of the stolen item including the type of object, the title and subject, the materials used, marks, signatures or any distinguishing features, date or period, and dimensions will be recorded. Information on the burglary (date and place) and a police case number will be needed. In this way a national database of stolen valuables will be compiled.

A listing fee of R275.00 (excluding VAT) to list a theft plus an item on our website, thereafter a fee of R75.00 (excluding VAT) per item listed in our online catalogue.

If you would like further information on how to list in the the Theft Register simply fill in the form below and we will get back to you.

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