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Art for Humanity Project
Women for Children Portfolio

We have been asked by the Art for Humanity project (which is based at the Durban University of Technology) to sell the collectors portfolio of artistic prints entitled ‘Women for Children’ which they produced at the end of 2005.  Art for Humanity focuses on human right issues and in this portfolio the theme is the rights of children.  25 women artists partnered with 25 women poets and the resulting exhibition was moving – you might well have seen it as the exhibition toured the country’s major art museums between 2006 and 2008.  The collection was framed simply and each artist/poet contribution was paired making for interesting experience as you viewed the images and read the poems that attracted your attention. 

The portfolio not only represents the work of significant women artists in South Africa (and American Kara Walker who was listed by Time magazine in 2007 as one of the 100 most influential people in the world); but it has been produced to very high standards on excellent quality paper.  Importantly, from a collectors point of view, the portfolio is a limited edition of 25 copies.  Five copies, comprising artists’ proofs, were produced to give to the main sponsors.  20 folios have been produced for sale.  The cost of each set is R70, 000 or R2, 800 per print and is contained in an attractive black presentation folio (75 x 54cm).  Many of the artists are well known to collectors of contemporary South African art, such as Berni Searle, Judith Mason and Diane Victor. 

Art for Humanity is an initiative that raises awareness and promotes debate on critical societal challenges and we would be grateful if you could support their unique work by purchasing a portfolio.

For more info on any of the pieces pleace contact us

Portfolio of 25 artist prints
Black folio

75 x 53.5cm


Louise Almon "Laughter remembered"
 Screenprint 425 x 590mm


Giselle Baillie "Imagine the language"
Digital print 360 x 535mm


Kim Berman "Mothers grief"
Etching & dry point (three colour plates) print size: 420 x 593mm


Lien Botha "Living children
and dead children"
Digital print 217 x 318mm
Angela Buckland "My birthday Wish"
Digital print 360 x 535mm
Dina Cormick "How often do we bend down to help the children?"
Tile cut 419 x 319mm
Bronwen Findlay "Face cloth"
Etching with hand painting 359 x 352mm
Yasmin Flett "Janus"
Woodcut 430 x 315mm
Este Macleod "Boy"
Etching 514 x 355mm
Nomusa Makhubu "Ukunqamuka Kwe  Mbeleko"
Intaglio with pin embossing 475 x 340mm
Marjorie Maleka "This is my story"
Etching & oil pastel 424 x 371mm
Judith Mason "A flower for Malika"
Lithograph 243 x 280mm
Gabisile Nkosi "Sisterhood"
Linocut 471 x 343mm
Nontobeko Ntombela "Born to Raise a Man"
Screenprint with embroidery 332 x 600mm
Kerry-Lyn Potgieter "Push 'n Pull"
Etching & embroidery 498 x 377mm
Beverley Samler "Where are the cows?"
Etching 280 x 560mm
Berni Searle "Untitled.2006"
Digital print 327 x 438mm
Pontso Sikhosana "Sindisiwe"
Lithograph 546 x 422mm
Avitha Sooful "Children should be seen and heard"
Woodcut & digital print 334 x 505mm
Bronwen Vaughan-Evans "Hope"
Linocut 130 x 420mm
Elizabeth Vels "Mother - Daughter"
Dry Point Woodcut 560 x 389mm 
Diane Victor "Weighing and Wanting"
Zinc etching on hannemeuler 441 x 592mm
Kara Walker "Untitled"
Digital print 555 x 369mm
Ernestine White "Precious Cargo"
Screenprint 420 x 423mm
Judy Woodborne " Angel of Mercy"
Etching 293 x 492mm 




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