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Bartel Arts Trust (BAT) Celebration Portfolio of Prints

The Celebration portfolio contains a collection of art f rom Durban artists working with the theme of celebration.  It was printed over a period of two years (1995 – 1996) by Greg Hayes of Stepping Stone Press, a collaborative lithographic printing studio where artists work to produce limited edition original lithographs.

All works in this portfolio are printed on BFK Rives 250gsm paper.  Each print containes the printer’s embossing seal (two feet) on the bottom righthand side.  The Printer, the Studio and Bartel Arts Trust each receive a portfolio, as does each of the participating artists.  The remianing 21 portfolios are available for sale to the public as a means of funding the project.  The project was made possible with the support of the Bartel Arts Trust.

There are 16 lithographic prints measuring  33.5 x 50.5cm for landscape and 50.5 x 33.5 for the portrait images.  The printed edition was limited to 40 sets.  Editions 19/40, 20/40, 22/40, 31/40 and 37/40 remain available.

The artists represented are:

1.  Shakes Buthelezi  9.  Plumber Mbokazi
2.  Andries Botha Wasserman 10. Marlene
3.  Tito Zungu 11. John Roome
4.  Greg Streak 12. Kehla Ngobese
5.  Selvin Naidoo 13. Jan Jordaan
6.  Stembiso Sibisi 14. Gabisile Nkosi
7.  Jose Ferriera   15. Dereck Mackatini
8.  Bronwen Findlay 16. Andrew Verster

For more info on any of the pieces pleace contact us

1. Cellebration (sic)
2.  Platter
3. Untitled Ship
4.  Flash
5.  Destiny
6.  The Birthday Celebration
7.  Delicate Intimacy
8.  Proteas and Springboks
9.  African Blues
10.  Taraboundary II
11.  Wont you help us sing…
12.  Dance with the people
13.  Juggler
14. It a celebration (sic)
15.  Dancing women
16.  Untitled


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