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British and Irish Art Specialists

Johannesburg Monday 6 and Tuesday 7 February
Durban Wednesday 8 February

Benard WilliamsLaura Lindsay, Christie's British Art Department and Head of the Scottish picture sales, and Bernard Williams, Head of the Irish picture sales, will be in Durban on Wednesday, 8 February 2006 to provide free verbal valuations and advice to collectors.  Christie's is the current leader in the British Art market and has set recent auction records for artists such as Graham Sutherland, Paul Nash, Patrick Caulfield and John Piper and has had huge success in selling the works of well known sculptors such as Anthony Caro, Lynn Chadwick, Elizabeth Frink and Henry Moore.  Take advantage of the current buoyancy in the British art market to obtain an up to date valuation with obligation.  Contact Harriet (011) 486 0967 or Gillian (031) 207 8247 for an appointment.

Christie's holds British and Irish Art sales in London in June and November, featuring British pictures 1500 - 1850, Victorian pictures and20th Century British Art.  These also feature some of Christie's most popular themed sales, namely the Irish and Scottish art sales.  These sales cover a range of well-known artistic names, such as Gainsborough, Reynolds, Munnings, Lavery; Laura LindsayThorburn and the Scottish Colourists Cadell, Hunt and Fergusson; and Irish artists such as Butler, Yeats and Orphen.  There has been a recent rise in popularity of British Art as there is a growing interest from international collectors in this field.  South Africans are invited to take advantage of the current buoyancy in the British art market and to obtain an up to date valuation of their art works or to obtain advice about collecting British artists.    

Laura Lindsay joined Christie's in 1978, becoming a Director in 1994. She is the great, great, great, great-niece of Lady Anne Barnard, the poet, memoirist, travel and song writer who became a renowned figure in South Africa during the late 18 th Century. Born in 1750 as the eldest child of James, 5 th Earl of Balcarres, Anne Lindsay grew up in Fife , Scotland , before moving to London where she met Andrew Barnard. Although he was 12 years her junior, they were married and moved to South Africa when he was appointed the first Colonial Secretary to the Cape of Good Hope. She left a historical legacy recording life in the Cape during the British occupation of 1795-1803, and is most famous for writing the ballad Auld Robin Gray' . She is also reputed to be the first European woman to have climbed Table Mountain .  Although remembered as a socialite, entertaining Cape Town society as the first lady at the Castle, her letter, diaries, journals and drawings left an important source of information not only about events and social life but politically astute observations of the Cape at the time when few women recorded their thoughts.  Her drawings and watercolours of Cape Town and the places she visited, plus her portraits of the people she met, provide a charming detail that enhance her written records.

Lady Anne Barnard's childhood home in Scotland

For further information contact:
Gillian Scott-Berning
Tel/fax: 031 2078247

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