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Gilfillan Scott-Berning

Harriet Hedley and Gillian Scott-Berning have established an independent South African fine and decorative arts consultancy known as Gilfillan Scott-Berning.
Harriet is based in Johannesburg and Gillian in Durban. We visit Cape Town on a monthly basis and the Eastern Cape and Free State once or twice a year.
We retain a close association with international auction houses and, hence, we can provide the buying and selling services associated with the international auction

Broadest Service

Gilfillan Scott-Berning is in a position to offer the broadest range of services available to our South African clients. We offer links and service to the international art market. We recommend private treaty sales for selected items and we are able to place these.

New online catalogue

Locally we have established a new online catalogue for our clients. This catalogue provides a useful sale outlet for items that achieve their highest price in the South African market.

In addition, the online catalogue has provided an excellent sale point for numerous contemporary South African artists reflecting and presenting the myriad of creative styles and traditions to be found in this creative country. Click on the catalogue button to view the items we have on offer.

Many International sales

We have not only attracted buyers from across the country but have concluded most of our sales with clients based on the east coast of America. The recent promotion of the Cetshwayo portrait competition in association with the Tatham Art Gallery resulted in a dramatic increase of website visitors from the United Kingdom.

The online catalogue provides an exceptional outlet for the arts we promote while allowing buyers to select their purchases from the comfort of their own office or home.

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